Whether you are an artistic aficionado who knows exactly what you like, an investor looking for reliable value or emerging artists, or indeed a novice looking to invest in the first key works of your collection, our goal is to understand your taste and to adapt to your demands in order to better fulfil your expectations.

Laurence Dreyfus will accompany you to fairs, biennial exhibitions, events, conferences and artist studios with a view to helping you towards a better understanding of the challenges of the market and to refining your choices. LDAC’s focus is on tailoring a purchasing strategy that matches your artistic affinities as closely as possible. Whether the aim is to settle on an aesthetic theme to underpin your collection, or to enrich an existing collection, LDAC will select the works that best reflect your personal interests and wishes.

LDAC is mindful of the need to respect its clients’ wishes and guarantees discretion and confidentiality.

Points of reference : 

Private collections in France and around the world, in particular Brussels, London and Geneva, and also India, Brazil and Venezuela.

Public collections:
Pompidou Centre collection, Paris.
FRAC collection (Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain, Regional collections of contemporary art), Champagne Ardennes, Reims.
FNAC collection, (Fond National d’Art Contemporain, National collections of contemporary art), Paris.



LDAC’s expertise is founded on the combination of an astute eye for art and a refined awareness of the challenges of the market.

This keen eye and awareness will guide you through the complex journey involved in acquiring a work of art. Who are the major contemporary artists? Is this work suited to my collection? Is this work a masterpiece? LDAC brings its invaluable expertise to a world in which the art market has been truly internationalized, multiplying the range of possibilities.

LDAC is committed to bringing expertise and excellence to its work, based on respect for integrity and professional ethics – values which are inherent in the activity of art consultancy.

The aim is to establish credentials and principles as regards the acquisition, conservation and preservation of works of art.

In her capacity as expert with the European Chamber of Expert Consultants in Fine Art, Laurence Dreyfus is committed to guaranteeing the exceptional quality of every work presented and to following a charter of ethics. Every work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of the piece.


LDAC guarantees you efficient technical service, and stays with you beyond the initial acquisition of a work.

National and international transport, storage sites, installation, lighting, framing, conservation and maintenance of artworks – whatever your needs, LDAC will put you in touch with service providers of the highest quality.

Managing your collection

LDAC puts its professionalism at your service for the management of the archives of your collection, whether it’s a case of drawing up an inventory, a catalogue, or the conservation of photographic or administrative archives (invoices, shipping documents, certificates of authenticity).


The acquisition of a work of art is an aesthetic and financial investment, a blend of pleasure and profit.

Art today represents a solid and constantly growing international market. Less sensitive to economic crises and geopolitical events than other financial assets, the art market stands out from other assets such as shares or real estate. Independent from the economy and the stock market, the art market obeys its own rules, is self-regulating and its growth remains constant. This means that return on investment can be spectacular in some cases and encourages the growth of capital.

The French tax system is specific and particularly attractive in this area: works of art not subject to the solidarity tax on wealth are deducted at 100% from the tax, and at a limit of 0.5% of turnover for businesses (law of 1 August 2003, article 238b AB of the CGI).

If speculation makes the art market more volatile, indeed opaque, investment very often pays off in the long term. Time is absolutely key to the development of an artist’s rating. This rating is based on various criteria: career, credentials, advocacy on the part of galleries, museums and institutions, networks, collectors, prices obtained, results achieved at auction, rarity of works, media coverage and so on.

Investment in this area requires careful attention to be paid to a range of private and public factors (institutions, galleries, auctions, collectors, artists etc.). The key qualities of LDAC are its intimate knowledge of this market down to the smallest details and ability to identify those works whose appreciation in value are likely to be considerable in the long term – all after ascertaining your personal preferences and setting out a purchasing strategy, whether public or private, in France or abroad.

LDAC is able to anticipate fluctuations, to home in on new offers and opportunities and to guarantee the quality and value of your acquisitions by negotiating the best possible transaction for your account.

A thorough knowledge base, analysis of the market and networking efforts are all brought to bear to ensure a rigorous, optimum investment process.